Media Bias

I don't know why people think there is bias at google. A simple look at the search results from Google, Bing, and Duck-Duck-Go centering around the Arizona governor's race shows plainly that there is no bias whatsoever. This is clearly not bias, Google is simply actively campaigning for Ms Hobbs. After all Kari lake is “dangerous”, so Google needs to make sure that the vast majority of it's search results either trash the evil Ms Lake or promote the glorious Ms Hobbs. If you don't agree you should really just shut your damn mouth. It's OK to mistreat people we don't like.


The google search for “Kari Lake” was just stunning. The vast majority of the google search results are not even about her, the first picture is a tiny thumbnail of her, and the rest are of either Ms Hobbs, or Ms Cheney. All of the results try to trash her. At least Bing has a variety of results. Duck-duck-go is a search aggregator for the most part.

The gubernatorial search result is more an indictment of the overall media bias, the sheer volume of anti-Lake, pro-Hobbs in the mainstream media is stunning. Who gives a flying crap about what some useless congresswoman from another state, who just lost her job because the people there don't want her any more, thinks about the people running in this state?

Kari, … You go girl, I am not afraid to speak up and neither should anyone else be.

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