Unbiased Media

It's so pervasive it's almost comical

Inundated with this cruft in my browser

So apparently “unearthing” plagarism by the president of a university is a 'weapon' that conservatives use to target colleges . . . (Minorities, etc).

My question as a reporter would be somewhat simpler. I'd be calling out the board that was either so inept or so biased, or so corrupt that it failed to do simple due diligence in the vetting process before hiring an individual to run what is supposed to be one of the most prestigious universities in the country. This is beyond the pale. These people are teaching our children, and these universities are producing the lawyers that are to be in charge of our nation. This information should have been “unearthed” by the college long before the individual was hired, but I guess if the college itself cannot hold to the standards it claims to expect from the students, then I guess we should no longer expect it from the new graduates. This is about integrity, the associated press should be ashamed to even write such an article.

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Search Engine Sanity

GOOGLE is just useless

I wanted to do a quick blog entry, I typed in


on accident with google as the search engine…

This web site did not appear anywhere. There were around 60 (six-zero) responses to the obviously mistyped query, not one mentioned this site which has existed since before you had to pay for a domain name. Now, I understand, there are paid advertisers and all that, so I would not expect it to be the first thing, I would however expect it to be in the page somewhere:

A PDF of the Google Search, 7 pages not there

Now I repeated the same “mistake” with Bing. It produced an expected result with this site listed as the 6th entry

A PDF of the Bing Search, Fairly near the top

And Finally I repeated with DuckDuckGo. It promoted the expected type fix up one more

A PDF of the DuckDuckGo Search, again near the top

I think this is pathetic, I've seen similar mis-types do the same thing with google. Makes me wish AltaVista was still around.

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