Suppressing The Vote

I find it stunning that anyone would have a problem showing an ID of some sort to vote. Frankly I think we (as in the various municipalities that control voting) should force people to re-register / confirm every 4-8 years. People are constantly moving around these days, and automatic dis-enrollment is frankly not enough. Voting is a privilege you should be very careful with. Most politics are really local, and as a member and officer of various community organizations in the past, I've noted the apathy of people who don't want to participate in community governance until something is not to their liking. If you are so apathetic that you can't take an hour to figure out how to vote, and then follow through with what you need to do to make it happen; you probably should not be voting in the first place. Frankly it's too easy to register and vote and you should have to show ID and proof of residency periodically to exercise that right. If that's too much trouble, or you are too stupid to figure it out, then you shouldn't be voting.

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