2022 Arizona Ballot Initiatives

Pretty interesting some of the advertising around the state propositions. In particular proposition 132 ads in Arizona are disingenuous at best. Here is My take:

Proposition 128

Diverting funds from things found to be illegal or unconstitutional. Basically makes it easier for the legislature to use the funds elsewhere if they can't use them for their intended purpose.

Soft Yes

Proposition 129

An attempt to keep ballot initiatives to a more narrow focus. I think this is a good idea overall


Proposition 130

Clerical cleanup of property tax exemptions.


Proposition 131

Create a Lt Governor position. Just what we need, another bureaucrat!


Proposition 132

“This amendment would mean that moving forward any initiative or referendum to approve a tax would need a super-majority, 60% YES vote to become law. Currently, a new tax on the ballot only needs a simple majority to be approved.”

This has been sold by ads as blocking pay for police and firefighters. What a crock of malarky.

Yes – Hell yes, if it's a good idea to raise some tax, 6 of 10 in the legislature ought to think so before we do it.

Proposition 209

Ahh, - nother emotional tugger. All the poor people going broke over medical debt. I'm just not sure this is the correct response for the problem.


Proposition 211

Campaign contribution disclosures. Personally I think you should disclose where every penny came from. This law is not the right way to do that.


Proposition 308

College financial aid for illegal aliens. No way. If you want to be in the US do it legally. I have too many friends that have done it the right way. If you do it the right way, it just isn't a problem. Follow the damn law.


Proposition 309

Strengthening voter id requirements. As a general rule I think if you are too stupid to figure out how to vote, you probably shouldn't be voting. It's just not that difficult.

Yes, but let's not over do it. See: Suppressing The Vote

Proposition 310

Funding for more “Fire District Safety”. Vote no on new sales taxes.


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