Migrating to a new server

Debian / Bullseye, should work on others

  1. On the Old Server
    1. systemctl disable jellyfin.service
    2. systemctl stop jellyfin.service
  2. On the New Server
    1. Install Jellyfin on the new server
    2. systemctl disable jellyfin.service
    3. systemctl stop jellyfin.service
    4. Copy the contents of /var/lib/jellyfin (Example)
      1. mv /var/lib/jellyfin /var/lib/jellyfin.old
      2. rsync -auv oldserver:/var/lib/jellyfin /var/lib/
      3. chown -R jellyfin:jellyfin /var/lib/jellyfin
    5. Copy the contents of /var/cache/jellyfin (Example)
      1. rsync -auv –delete oldserver:/var/cache/jellyfin/ /var/cache/jellyfin/
      2. chown -R jellyfin:jellyfin /var/cache/jellyfin
  3. I would reboot
  4. systemctl start jellyfin.service
    1. Verify everything is working
  5. systemctl enable jellyfin.service
    1. Reboot to verify auto-start
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