The Right To Choose

Pro-Choice/Pro-Life is really the same thing.

I am in whole hearted agreement that women have “The Right to Choose”. The fundamental question is: At what point the choice has been made? Whenever you ask the fundamental question, you start to get all these anecdotal and irrational comments about “evil men”, “date rape”, “incest”, “abuse”, “mis-carriage”, “care” etc. While these may be important topics, screaming about them does not answer the fundamental question. Regardless of how a woman may have gotten pregnant, or the circumstances that led up to it at some point that little parasite growing in her body should be defined as a human being with rights and privileges protected by our Constitution. What I want to hear is a clear point in time and rationale for that time. Until our communites can get a range of ideas on this and come to a consensus the incessant screaming and whining about tangential topics does not help.

The my body argument flatly does not work for me. Once you agree we have an actual human being then it isn't just “Your Body” involved any more, you made a contract to try to bring forth another human being into this twisted little world. Let's start justifying when that is, and set reasonable laws that keep people from behaving irrationally once the choice has been made. Not everyone will agree wholeheartedly with the decision that is made, but we must find some median point we can all live with and turn down the vitriol and lack of rationality that topic seems to bring out at the edges of the argument.

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