Search Engine Sanity

GOOGLE is just useless

I wanted to do a quick blog entry, I typed in


on accident with google as the search engine…

This web site did not appear anywhere. There were around 60 (six-zero) responses to the obviously mistyped query, not one mentioned this site which has existed since before you had to pay for a domain name. Now, I understand, there are paid advertisers and all that, so I would not expect it to be the first thing, I would however expect it to be in the page somewhere:

A PDF of the Google Search, 7 pages not there

Now I repeated the same “mistake” with Bing. It produced an expected result with this site listed as the 6th entry

A PDF of the Bing Search, Fairly near the top

And Finally I repeated with DuckDuckGo. It promoted the expected type fix up one more

A PDF of the DuckDuckGo Search, again near the top

I think this is pathetic, I've seen similar mis-types do the same thing with google. Makes me wish AltaVista was still around.

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